The Merlyn International Tax Solutions Group was set up in 1999 by an international tax expert, Joseph Peters MBA. In addition to using his international tax expertise in creating tax effective royalty conduit structures for clients, which are not matched by anyone else, he gives international tax advice to multinational enterprises comparable to a partner in the tax department of a ‘Big Four’ audit firm or a major law firm. Jos can be reached by e-mail at

Although we do not specialize in countries, we should like to emphasize that we have considerable experience with tax and investment issues in Eastern-Europe, the CIS area and Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) due to our client base and networks of correspondents in these countries.

Our no cure no pay approach implies that we are sometimes prepared to give tax advice, including second opinions, on existing tax structures or proposed new tax saving structures free of charge. We have the knowledge and the networks to check if a multinational’s tax savings programme is (still) OK and state-of-the-art. After all, tax laws and case law change with high frequency in all countries. A tax planning technique developed in 2012 may well be outdated after 2015 because of ”BEPS”. And even if it still works after 2015, a better alternative may have evolved in the mean time.

We also give tax advice on a charge per hour basis, but only after it has been established that a given situation is not suitable for a success fee approach. In such cases, we do send regular invoices for tax advice, but only after such has been explicitly agreed upon (including agreement on the hourly rates and the time to be spent on a given project or tax issue). We always add detailed time sheets to our invoices and charge our time per multiples of 6 minutes (0.1 hour, 0.2 hours etc.).

Prospects should therefore not hesitate to ask us tax questions: they will never get an unexpected bill for this. The only ‘risk’ they run when contacting us, is to come accross solutions that no other tax advisory firm has developed because of the difference in focus between our business model and that of our competitors. We give tax advice and support at a standard they will seldom have experienced before.